equidi partner

Partner with us as we level up the ledger on gender.

equidi partners with like-minded, aligned individuals and organisations who share our vision of creating a more equal world.

Working together, we can grow the reach of equidi’s game-changing platform, assisting our mutual clients to close their gender pay gap…for good.

Exclusive revenue share opportunities are available only to certified members of the equidi Partner Program – so join today!


Am I well-suited to be a Partner?

Our partners are individuals and organisations who come from a range of fields, including:

  • Consultants

  • Recruitment Firms

  • HR Technology Companies


Why become an Equidi partner?

Compelling incentives

earn a revenue share for all new equidi clients that you have referred.

Partner membership of the Gender Equity Movement

enjoy access to all of our GEM benefits as well as bespoke content and event invitations.


New Business Opportunities

we want you to win too; so where your products and services are a fit for our clients, we’ll provide a referral back to you.

Access to support and advice

we offer partner-specific support, with education, training, product announcements and access to our people – to help you educate your network about how equidi can help


How it works

1. Apply to become a Partner

use this form to apply to join the equidi Partner Program. We vet all applicants to ensure we are aligned in our approach and that partners are suited to promoting equidi to their networks.

2. Refer qualified leads to equidi

use our pre-approved materials to promote equidi to your networks. We then ask that you provide equidi with a warm introduction to your clients that have expressed an interest in talking with us. Leverage our expertise in pay equity and using technology to reduce the gender pay gap to sell the benefits to your network.

3. Earn a revenue share

provided your referrals meet the terms of the program – you’ll receive a revenue share on any revenue earnt by equidi in the first 12 months of that client’s lifetime.